Portable Vibration Monitoring

Portable vibration monitoring can play a key role in the condition monitoring of rotating plant. An offline regime consisting of regular vibration measurements offers a cost effective alternative to online monitoring and the opportunity to detect early onset of bearing failure, lubrication issues and unbalance.

The Vibcheck Vibration Meter

The Vibcheck vibration meter is an essential tool for the monitoring of machine health. This low cost, entry level portable vibration monitor offers reliable measurements to ISO standards in combination with a range of smart features.

  • Vibration Management in accordance with ISO10816 guidelines
  • Cost effective and easy to use
  • Small and Lightweight
  • Measures vibration in velocity and acceleration
  • Operates from a single PP3 9V battery
  • Checks switch box wiring and sensor health
  • Available with Magnetic Mounting Base
  • Works with quick mount studs for repeatable Measurements
Sensonics Vibcheck Vibration Meter

The complete kit includes the meter, a hand-held probe with spike, interconnecting cable, carrying case and a guide to vibration monitoring.

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