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Turbine Supervisory Guide
Supervisory Guide

Turbine Supervisory

Sensonics turbine supervisory instrumentation offers the full range of vibration, displacement and speed measurements required for effective turbine condition monitoring and protection. With measurement techniques developed in conjunction with the power generation industry over the past 30 years, Sensonics turbine supervisory equipment is recognised as providing accurate condition monitoring measurements that can be relied on, particularly in heavy industrial environments.

Sensonics can offer a turnkey project capability for retrofit turbine supervisory applications from measurement specification through to transducer supply including accelerometers, eddy current probes and LVDT's.

Sensonics Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation

API 670 Monitoring System

The Sensonics API670 compliant Sentry G3 system has been developed to provide a universal platform for all your measurement requirements. Designed to give maximum warning of impending machine failure without producing costly spurious alarms, the independent channel digital signal processing and dual redundant power supply functionality provides flexibility with reliability. Voted channel arrangements can be configured to provide extremely robust solutions; for example pump and turbine overspeed protection. With compliance to the API670 standard you can rest assured the system will deliver the condition monitoring measurements you need.

Sentry offers the following measurement algorithms:
  • Absolute Bearing Vibration (FFT and harmonic analysis)
  • Relative shaft Vibration (FFT and harmonic analysis)
  • Shaft Eccentricity to 1RPM (FFT)
  • Shaft Position & Thrust
  • Differential Expansion with dual ramp option
  • Case Expansion (LVDT)
  • Speed, Overspeed and Phase Marker (Keyphasor)
  • Reverse Rotation
  • Rod Drop
  • Temperature
  • TCP Communications module
  Turbine Supervisory Guide

API 670 Sensors

Our robust range of API670 sensors include eddy current proximity probes for non-contact vibration monitoring and displacement monitoring designed to comply with the API 670 standard enabling compatibility with other manufacturers equipment, for example Bently Nevada. The core application of this transducer is monitoring relative shaft vibration and displacement on a range of rotating machinery from turbines to pumps and compressors. Sensonics eddy current proximity probes are available in either straight or disc mounting configurations and can be supplied with a range of adjustable bracketry.

The quality and depth of our piezo electric accelerometer range for absolute vibration monitoring has been forged from an approach to design and development in conjunction with the API670 sensor standard. In addition to industry standard instruments, Sensonics can provide customized solutions or variations to existing products. With a world wide installation base and proven for use in heavy industrial environments, Sensonics can provide the right equipment for your turbine supervisory application. With compliance to the API670 standard you can rest assured the system will deliver the condition monitoring measurements you need.
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