Speed Monitoring

Sensonics speed monitoring systems offer accurate detection of overspeed and zero speed events for the protection of critical rotating machines such as turbines, pumps, etc. The monitors are capable of working with a range of speed sensors and include fault detection circuitry to offer a high integrity speed monitoring solution.

Sensonics speed monitoring systems

In addition to providing shutdown through speed monitoring an important parameter of the system is the spurious trip performance. The 2 out of 3 voted configuration utilised in the Sensonics Overspeed Protection system virtually eliminates the spurious trip scenario in conjunction with a SIL-3 rating to IEC 61508.

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Sentry G3 Brochure

Sentry G3 (Universal Input) Monitoring and Protection System

The Sensonics Sentry G3 concept builds upon the established range of Sentry products developed by Sensonics and has been designed to be the most flexible and feature rich machinery protection system available. Each of the G3 module’s four channels can be independently programmed to provide continuous monitoring and protection across a broad spectrum of measurement regimes, including vibration, position, temperature and speed, providing a universal platform for the interfacing of various sensor types in compliance with the API 670 standard.

The unit has an integral intuitive colour LCD display and drive facility which provides immediate viewing and access to the machines parameters. Several modes of display are available to suit specific applications, such as an alarm historian and parameter trending per channel. The G3 system offers excellent channel density with up to 24 measurement channels in a 3U format, also each channel can provide independent analogue outputs of current and voltage for PLC connection. The system is designed for mounting in a custom 19” rack assembly which also contains a dual redundant power supply option. The Sentry G3 system algorithms are particularly suitable for large turbine generator sets where the speed monitoring forms part of the essential Turbine Supervisory System.

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DN26 G3 Machinery Protection Monitor
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DN26 G3 Intelligent Machinery Protection

The DN26 G3 Machine Protection Monitor is a high performance fully programmable signal conditioning unit capable of monitoring 2 channels of absolute vibration, shaft vibration or shaft position. An additional third channel is available as standard for measuring speed or for use as a phase reference.

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Aegis Monitoring and Protection System

The Aegis system offers similar measurement capabilities to Sentry but in a lower cost rack mounted package. The speed monitoring card forms an essential part of the Aegis range of measurement variants for the protection of critical rotating plant.

The system utilises a shared display located in the instrument rack with single channel cards for each of the required measurement channels. The Aegis monitoring system is suitable for a range of rotating machinery including turbines, motors and pumps where individual channel displays are not required (closed equipment cabinets, unmanned sites, etc). Other measurement modules include vibration, displacement, expansion, and temperature in addition to the speed monitoring option. This technology is also available as a single channel unit in a wall mounted enclosure for standalone applications.

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Speed Monitor Datasheet

DN2608 Speed Monitor

The DN2608 is a DIN rail mountable single channel speed monitor offering dual level alarms (positive and negative going) in combination with 4-20mA outputs for PLC or DCS connection. The DN2608 is designed to work with a wide range of speed sensors to provide flexible speed monitoring and protection over a wide range of applications.
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