Seismic Monitoring and Protection Systems Brochure
Seismic Monitoring
and Protection Systems Brochure


Sensonics offer a range of moving coil and piezoelectric short period seismometers for both geophysical and structural monitoring applications. As the leading supplier of seismic monitoring and protection systems to the UK nuclear industry we have a range of solutions to meet with most applications.

The SP series

The SP series of piezoelectric seismometers are robust, portable, sealed instruments suitable for operation in any attitude. The unique inertial system of matched piezoelectric elements arranged in a reciprocal configuration generates high seismometer output sensitivity and minimal noise with a capability for complete transducer verification through an input calibration facility.

Product Highlights

  • Frequency response 0.1Hz to 1000Hz
  • Sensitivities up to 50V/g
  • Dynamic Range >120dB
  • Linearity better than 0.1%
  • Integrated noise better than 2ug rms
  • Single axis or triaxial

The SP series of piezoelectric seismometers

SP4 datasheet »

The Willmore MkIII

The Willmore MkIII short period seismometer is a velocity sensing device suitable for field, vault or observatory use. Over the past 20 years this seismometer has formed the backbone of many seismic monitoring systems, providing valuable earth movement information for mining industries and seismologists.

The seismometer mass is a permanent magnet suspended on ligament springs, which achieves frictionless axial movement. The output is derived from two coils fixed to the frame of the seismometer, one at each end of the mass. Auxiliary coils are provided for feedback and calibration. The natural period of oscillation of the mass is adjustable so that the seismometer can be optimally matched to the required operational requirements.

Product Highlights

  • Period adjustment from 1 to 3 seconds
  • Sensitivity 5 x 106 V/m/s
  • Dynamic Range of >140dB
  • Residual noise better than 10-9 m/s2 per √ Hz
  • Inertial Mass of 1.2kg with ±2mm of movement
  • Supplied with service kit option
    (spare coils, springs, etc)
  • For use in horizontal or vertical orientation

The Willmore MkIII short period seismometer

Willmore MkIII datasheet »
Willmore MkIIIA datasheet »
Willmore MkIIIC datasheet »

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