Senturion Overview Brochure
Senturion Overview Brochure

Eddy Current Proximity Probes

Our robust range of eddy current proximity probes for non-contact vibration and displacement monitoring are designed to comply with the API 670 standard enabling compatibility with other manufacturers equipment, for example Bently Nevada. The core applications for this transducer is monitoring shaft expansion, relative vibration and speed on a range of rotating machinery from turbines to pumps and compressors. Sensonics proximity probes are available in either straight or disc mounting configurations and can be supplied with a range of adjustable bracketry. Highly reliable and available in intrinsically safe (ATEX) variants, a summary of these vibration and displacement monitoring sensors is detailed below.

The proximity probe system is made up of an inductive sensor embedded in a stainless steel body with a fixed & tuned length of coaxial cable connected to a separate driver unit. The driver provides the excitation to the probe and generates a linearised output proportional to the gap between the target material and probe tip.

Available Ranges:   0 - 2.5mm to 0 - 25mm
Construction:   Stainless steel body, probe tip diameters
from 5mm to 50mm
Sensitivity:   Up to 8mV/µm
Standard System Lengths:   2m, 5m, 7m, 9m and 14m
Linearity:   Better than 1%
Operating Temperature:   -30°C to +180°C
Specials:   Submersible to 300bar
High temperature to +240 °C
Extended measurement range
ATEX   EEx ia IIC T2 / EEx ia IIC T4
  Eddy Current Proximity Probes

With a world wide installation base and proven for use in heavy industrial environments, Sensonics can provide the right sensor for your vibration and displacement monitoring application based on our robust range of eddy current proximity probes.

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