Press Releases

7th November 2018 Sensonics Completes Delivery to Nuclear Power Plant in UAE
16th October 2018 Seismic Monitoring & Protection for the Most Demanding Applications
1st October 2018 Capacitive Air Gap Sensors from Sensonics
10th July 2018 Gas Turbine Measurement Algorithms Takes Sentry G3 Machinery to a New Level
7th February 2018 Stainless Steel Proximity Probe Holders For Harsh Environments
14th November 2017 Next Generation Proximity Probes Unveiled
5th October 2017 Operations in Sensonics India Expanded
22nd June 2017 Vibration Sensing Solutions With Transmitter Interface
7th February 2017 Sensonics Invests in India
9th June 2016 New Generation of Air Gap Sensors
20th April 2016 Fully Integrated Proximity Probe
29th March 2016 Vibration Protection For Smaller Critical Plant
20th January 2016 Effective Monitoring of Vibration on Low Speed Machines
10th November 2015 New Advanced Display Options for Sentry G3
25th August 2015 Sensonics Deliver Critical Protection To Nuclear Power Plant In UAE
6th May 2015 New Proximity Probe System with Universal Driver
23rd April 2015 Overspeed Protection System for Turbines and Pumps
17th July 2014 New Advanced Display Options for Sentry G3 Take Machinery Protection to a New Level
10th June 2014 Seismic Safety Switch Provides High-Integrity Earthquake Protection
22nd May 2014 Intelligent Protection for Smaller Critical Rotating Plant
27th January 2014 Sensonics Fly The Flag For British Engineering Excellence
22nd January 2014 Cost-Effective Protection For Smaller Machinery
6th November 2013 Sensonics Protecting Nuclear Power Plant In UAE
24th September 2013 G3 Systems for SSI Steelworks Teeside UK
10th September 2013 Cost Effective Protection For Smaller Plant - VEL/GDC
22nd May 2013 Sensonics Strengthen Team With New Appointment
August 2012 Cost-Effective & Flexible Machine Monitoring
June 2012 Turbine Supervisory Success For Sensonics In Asia
25th April 2012 Compact, Affordable Protection for Small to Medium Machines
3rd April 2012 Novel Dynamic Displacement Monitoring Technique
10th January 2012 Continued Growth for Sensonics China
24th November 2011 Atex Approval for shaft vibration and thrust transmitters
17th July 2011 Proximity probe with rear and side view target protection
13th April 2011 High speed rail monitoring points toward more intelligent infrastructure
1st February 2011 Sensonics meet the challenges of Cruachan power station upgrade
1st September 2010 Compact Proximity Probe Solutions
7th July 2010 Effective ‘SIL’ Vibration Monitoring
1st July 2010 Reducing Risks with Effective Monitoring
20th April 2010 Accelerometers For Wind Turbine Applications
7th October 2009 Power Station Upgrade Uskmouth, South Wales
30th September 2009 Success in China, Shanghai Boasteel
11th August 2009 New Thrust & Rod Drop Transmitter
3rd April 2009 More Features, More Flexibility with Sentry G3
16th March 2009
Sentry G3 Launched At Maintec UK Exhibition
2nd February 2009 Thrust Monitoring on Boiler Feed Pump Equipment
15th January 2009 Power Station Upgrade, On-Time, On-Budget
24th September 2008 Sensonics Help Romanian Turbines Run Smoothly
16th July 2008 Latest Monitoring Systems Protect Power Generation
26th June 2008 Accelerometers Approved For More Critical Applications

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